Saturday, October 6, 2012

Different Generation

Happy to be back on the line.

I've done 2 three day trips this month. Both fairly easy.

I do 4 more four day trips...not looking forward to them.

The Captain on my last trip was a really nice guy...but we were generations apart.

He learned to fly in the Army. He flew both helicopters and airplanes.

I learned to fly at AllATPS. I flew both Cessna and Piper.

I enjoyed his stories of flying through various European countries.

Fairly boring flying lately...which is a good thing I guess.

I did have a funny/WTF moment.

Last week I was flying through a bit of rain. Full ILS approach. Weather was rain, 400 foot ceilings and 1/2 mile visibility.

Well my Captain called the runway at 300 feet. The rain was heavy on the arrival end of the runway. I had the runway pavement, lights and marking all in sight....till about 10 feet.

At 10 feet we entered very heavy rain. I could only make out faint runway lights.

"Well crap," I said.

It was much safer to land than go around. Any go around would result in the plane touching the ground anyway.

I eased it down to a nice landing. Broke out of the heavy rain into just rain. By the time we turned off the runway it was very light rain.

We all deadheaded back. The First Officer of the next leg was a former student of mine. I joked that I would be giving him a line check from my seat.

Been kinda quiet lately. Will try and write up a general posting later.

By the fifth year anniversary of being at my airline is coming up at the end of the month. Five


  1. Hey there! I understand that these days 5 years at the same airline is something of an achievement, so glad to hear your employment continues! I am also glad that your recent tribulations appear to be behind you and we can all get back to normal and enjoy your posts....... I have a question and appreciate that it may be your decision not to divulge the answer to maintain your anonymity but can you say what aircraft you fly?? Personally, I am an avid simmer and have just started to learn the Embraer 175/195 - to think I spend my weekends with my head in a manual for fun! Thanks for keeping up the blog, it's very much appreciated! Dave from the UK

  2. Eh....the aircraft I fly has 50 it's either a CRJ or ERJ. Prefer not to be specific though. I have flown the ERJ-170 from Wilco Pub...along with the 145 and the CRJ 200/700 series. I find the ERJs as more realistic than the CRJ models though.


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