Saturday, September 1, 2012

First day of recurrent

First day of recurrent training.

Since I'm getting at an ATP I had to do a little more prep.

I use Logbook Pro for my logbook. I had to figure a way to print it all out.

When I interviewed I bought paper and a leather binder from the Logbook Pro website. I have no one to impress this time so I decided to go cheap(er).

I tried printing out pages on my own. After about 30 mess up's I went to Fedex Office (Formerly Kinkos). The issue I had was the length of the rows went across two pages.

After trying to explain what I wanted the employee printed out samples. Nope. He didn't get it. After looking at the pages...we formed a plan, two pages printed on each 11 X 17 piece of paper. He printed them out and bound them for me. Total of 38 pages....2956 hours....$14. Done.

Running a little late I stopped by a conveince store for recurrent supplies. Energy drinks, chips and Skittles...done.

Show time was noon.

It took me a bit to find the right classroom. Big building. I knew a few pilots in the room.

The first day was spent covering Fatigue and CRM. All of us were very vocal about Fatigue.

The Powerpoint was showing examples of fatiguing schedules and how we should not be flying them. The problem? We have them every month!

Things like long sits, short overnights followed by long duty days and fluctuating duty start times. The presentation was saying don't do this...but we don't have a choice. Annoying.

During a break I got my schedule for the rest of training. I'm not too happy.

The next three days are 7:30AM to 4:30PM. All classroom.

I'm off Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday I have a 8PM show time for a 10PM till 2 AM sim! My oral is 4PM Saturday and my checkride is at 10PM Sunday till Midnight.

During the fatigue presentation it was explained that we aren't very alert or productive during our normal sleeping 10PM till 6AM. Bleh. I'll get through it.

My examiner for my checkride is the same examiner I had last year. Very fair and easy going guy. I have no idea who the guy who is running my oral.

Time for sleep.



  1. Sleep when you can and talk to us later. The training schedule is probably 'legal' and they toss-in the extremes of 'legal' just to see if you can take it. Sleep well, and eat well, if lightly. No dude! Skittles is not on your official training diet. Chips? WTF? You are a mid-life career changer and you do know better. Back-link, but after training. Best regards.

  2. Dont forget the Mcgriddle from McDonalds the morning of the oral and the morning of the checkride!

  3. Absolutely! I will be enjoying my McGriddle Sunday morning!


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