Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New headset on the way

So I have a few pilot headsets.

I have a Telex ANR 500, Bose Qc15/UflyMike and a Telex 750.

The one that got the most use is the Telex ANR 500. TSO'd, lightweight, great ANR and clear communications. The Bose QC15/UflyMike combo is great.super ANR, crystal clear communications and light weight. My issue was with the the whole TSO requirements.

In order to comply with TSO requirements I have to wear specific ear buds UNDER the QC15. The ear buds don't have to be in my ears, just under the Bose headset. Reason being if the batteries fail on the QC15 I won't be able to hear. Chances of that in flight are very low seeing as there is a long low battery warning light. But still a lot of cables. True I could "risk" it...but I'm a professional and don't take unnecessary risk.

The Telex 750 was used for 1 day. No where near enough ear protection for RJ's. I bought the 750 for $40 on eBay.

Where am I going with this? I got a new headset.

My new plane is a bit louder than the last. The Telex ANR 500 is no longer able to compete with the noise level in the cockpit.

I thought long and hard about going back to the Bose QC15/Uflymike....really long and hard. Decided to go full Bose.

Bose offers discounts to pilots who fly for my airline. Can't disclose the amount....but it's a good chunk of change. The discount brought the new Bose A20 within stones throw of the Bose QC15/UflyMike combo.

The Bose A20 is TSO approved and is the successor of the Bose Aviation X.

The Aviation X had issues of durability which were supposedly corrected with the A20. It arrives next Monday. I should have a review of the performance within sometime mid-December.


  1. Just got the A20 for use in a 737 and it is amazing! Somewhat heavy, but it´s so so quiet!

  2. Hmmm heavy isn't good. I like the passive ANR improvements over the Aviation....will be interesting.

  3. I've had my A20's since earlier this year I think they're absolutely great.  They do a great job and I really like the fit.  The Citation Mustang I fly with my boss has Telex 850's.  I don't like them at all.  Lately I've just been bringing my Bose instead.  Sort of overkill because the plane's so quite, but I like the fit so much better.  Sounds weird but the 850's kill my head for some reason.


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