Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day one....not too shabby

I had a 5:30AM report time. Left the hotel at 4:40AM as I wanted to eat breakfast first.

I've been to this airport several times so I know my way around. It helps reduce the stress factor. I remember my first day of IOE 4 years ago. New job + New airport + New airplane = major stress. This time it was just a new airplane.

I headed over to the crew room. The Captain was waiting at the door.

It's a very small crew base and I was easy to spot as the "new guy". He was happy to see I wasn't a new hire as it's much less work on him.

He went over my paperwork, license and medical and then we headed out for a preflight.

Detailed preflight done it was time to get started.

This plane is very different from my last but the operations from an airline stand point are the same. I had to do the same thing I did on the last plane, but just in a different way.

Since it's been 3 weeks since my last simulator session I was a bit rusty. I got through it.

First leg was mine. At 6:20AM I pushed the thrust levers up and away we went.

At VR I was very surprised at how much more effort was needed versus the simulator. Just different. Up, up and away.

Longish flight at 2 hours. Being winter we went through a good sized cloud layer that necessitated the need for anti-ice.

Smooth for the most part. My Captain pointed out a few things on the plane and taught a bit then he remembered I wasn't new. He relaxed. He's had nothing but new hires for a while so it was hard for him to shake the normal routine.

Landing north at the out station. I'd been there once before so I had an idea of the airport layout. ILS needed as it was 2SM and 1000 OVC.

Broke out at 1200 feet. Slight crosswind.

What came next was my best landing in any airplane. I was shocked. Nice way to start IOE.

My after landing flow was rusty but I worked through it. Thankfully the snow hasn't started yet and we were able to get back out in 30 minutes.

The Captain took the next leg. Gave me time to get more comfortable. He gave a few more tips and then we settled in with the normal pilot talk.

We pulled into the gate 10 minutes early. Nice as the turn was supposed to be 35 minutes with a plane swap. The extra time meant I had time for a snack.

My leg again. A few MEL's to deal with. Out on time. Slightly complicated departure. Away we went.

Short flight. Another greaser, but I floated more than I wanted to. Eh.

Overnighting where my sister in law lives. She's heading over now with her spouse to pick me up. Nice way to end a first day, being able to go out with family!



  1. So, this new plane... what advantages does it have for you?  It seems you're still commuting.

  2. On the new plane I will be in the top 1/3 of seniority. I am commuting right now ONLY for IOE. By getting my IOE in another base I will be done faster and thus be able to bid for a line for December and avoid reserve. My hotel cost for the trip are all paid for by the airline. I could have waited to do IOE in my base, but it would have meant more time sitting on the coach waiting for a slot to open and being on reserve in December.


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