Monday, January 3, 2011


Today is my first day back....and I am at home. I'm inactive.

I was on FMLA during my grace month for training and am thus no longer qualified to fly. I  am currently waiting for a training date. I literally live 5 minutes from the training center. I naively thought everything would go smoothly and I would have a training date quickly. Not.

While on 2 months leave I raised my daughter, traveled a bit (went to the LA Autoshow, visited friends and family, had a good time), bought my wife a new car (she has a 2010 Prius while I have her 2004 Prius) and relaxed.

Yesterday I stopped by the airport to pick up updates for my manuals. Wow I forgot how annoying it is to update manuals! I had 8 updates for my Jepp charts alone. I took a break after 4 hours of updating. I have another 2-3 left.

With that said I have one small rant.

This blog is as open as it can be and allow me to have a job. My email address is listed in the "about" section. I respond and approve all comments that have a valid email address attached. The commenters email isn't shown to anyone but me. It's just a way of knowing it's a real person and a way of contacting someone directly if they have a private question.

A few days ago someone left a comment without an email. It was a very negative comment. I will be happy to approve it if they simply attach a valid email. I spent years studying journalism while in college (I have a BA in Photojournalism which involved a lot of regular writing). Open and free discussion is highly encouraged hence having a commenting system. So to the person who left the very negative comment, simply resubmit with a valid email and I will approve it. Unedited as are all my comments.


  1. Hi, I just discovered your website and cannot stop reading your blogs. Good stuff! I am currently a student pilot getting close to taking the checkride for the private license. Maybe you've mentioned it in previous blogs, but what kind of aircraft are you flying, or what type ratings do you have?

  2. Hi, I just discovered your website and cannot stop reading your blogs. I am currently a student pilot getting close to taking my checkride for the private license, and the ultimate goal is to one day acquire all the necessary licenses and ratings to become a Commercial Airline Pilot. Maybe you've mentioned this in other blogs, but I was curious as to what type of airplane you are flying and/ or what type ratings you have?

  3. I have no "real" type ratings. I say that as it does state I have a SIC Type rating on a regional jet on my pilot license. It's only for International operations and has very little value. A true type rating involves a FAA checkout. My SIC rating did not. Beyond that I have the normal ratings of Commercial Multiengine with Instrument, Commercial Single (instrument as well), CFI Single engine, CFI Multi engine, CFI Instrument and Advanced Ground Instructor. I also earned my Gold Seal while I was a CFI.


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