Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby steps back to the skies

Finished my requalification (don't think that's a real word ;-) ) ground school today. I am consistent in that I missed the same questions on the final exam I missed last year. Poorly worded questions in my opinion. After I reviewed the question and then thought in an illogical manner, it made sense.

What's next? Well I'm off for a few days. My wife and I were planning on taking my daughter to the North American Autoshow over in Detroit this weekend, but the weather looks like it will be a bit rough. We will decide on Friday. I might ask my wife if I can sneak away to Detroit for the day without them. Not likely as my wife went to school in Lansing and would like to visit for a bit.

I'm going to spend the next few days caring for my daughter and reviewing flight profiles to prepare for the sim.

Baby steps.


  1. Just curious, what is your current take-home pay AFTER taxes and union dues? And how many passengers are you flying in that aircraft?

  2. Pay after taxes won't be useful as some states have state and federal taxes...some have federal only. I will include on federal taxes, since we all pay those. Last year I made $35,817.71 gross pay...over 10 months as I took the last two months off of work and received no pay. Union dues of $563.35 and Federal Taxes ($4,067.21) I take out at the SINGLE rate...never changed it...if I took out at the Married rate it would be less...will be less this year as I had a kid. Total money in my pocket before all other deductions $31, 187.71 or roughly $3118 per month. If I had worked a FULL 12 months I would have earned an estimated $42,980 based on the pervious 10 month earnings before taxes and Union Dues.

    I am paid that rate to fly 50 passengers around.

  3. And I approved your comment even though you didn't leave an least this comment was somewhat appropriate.


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