Sunday, August 22, 2010


Next month I will be based elsewhere.....for just part of the month.

Due to staffing issues I will be temporarily based in another domicile.

The assignment is known as a TDY (Temporary Duty). The airline pays for a hotel room for me for the full time I am there as well as per diem 24 hours a day while I am there. In addition I will get a "positive" spaced ticket each way . I will get about $650 extra from the per free. Not too shabby.

Of course with a new born at home it will be a little rough, but the money will help.

While in the other base I will likely be on reserve. I still get my minimum days off. My TDY starts August 31st. I am on vacation until August 30th. The schedule should be 4 on 3 off.

I'm looking forward to it. I've never flown out of the other domicile. Should be interesting.

For now....vacation. My daughter took her first flight yesterday and it was perfect. Flying is in her genes.

My wife had a "real" ticket. The plan was for my daughter and I to non-rev and hopefully sit with my wife. Worst case my wife would hold my daughter and I would be in the jump seat. Thankfully the gate agent linked up all three of us and gave us our own row.

My daughter didn't cry until 2 minutes prior to landing and even then it was only a 12 second pathetic cry. As passengers got off many mentioned how quiet my daughter is and that they didn't even know there was a baby onboard!

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  1. That sucks man with a new baby in the house :( Oh well just think of the how the money will help out! Yea no comparison... But on a better note, Xplane on the IPAD... $9.99 I think... Should help pass the time!


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