Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Daughter

Just found out today I will be the proud father of a baby girl in August. Now to think of a name. My wife and I are very far apart on names. I jokingly stated I'm going to pick the name off one used on the Maury show. She didn't laugh. Ha!


  1. Congrats! Let's think of some aviation themed names... perhaps Memphis (Belle).. or Amelia?

    Not very popular names these days.. maybe better suited for a middle name.

  2. Thanks! Amelia has been discussed...don't think she would go for Memphis Belle......I would like an aviation linked name...maybe I will bring up Kitty Hawk....ha!

  3. Congratulations, sir. "Belle" alone sounds great. I doubt your wife would even hear of naming your child "Enola Gay". Hrmm...well, good luck on coming up with a name you both can agree on. Again, congratulations!

  4. Great news! Best of luck to you. I follow your site from my I.T. Desk wishing I was up in the air with you even with the airline issues.


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