Saturday, January 16, 2010

This career can destroy a relationship

Saw this in an online forum I read. I changed the cities and taken out the airline, but the rest remains.

I may not have been around for that long, but when I started with XXXX last year (and no I was not a 250 hour wonder, I was 2300, CFI<CFII<MEI) I was happily based in LAS for a few months and engaged to a great girl. I signed a lease for a 12 month apartment. After a few months LAS closed so I was forced to commute to IND. The commute was getting to tough so I had to cancel my lease (paid a 3 month penatly) and got a place right next to IND . A month later I was displaced to CMH, which now cause me a 1 hour commute through CMH when I was living walking distance to IND. A month later I was displaced to SFO. Half way through training then I was displaced to ORD and sent home. When I came back for training about a week in I was displaced to MCO. When I told my fiance this she ended up leaving me because she couldn't deal with the airline life anymore and was not willing to move to Florida. Then about 3 days later after my fiance had left me I was told I was being furloughed. I was furloughed one week before I would have finished training and didn't even get the XXX type. I was moved half way around the country for an entire year and had my fiance leave me over XXXX. I'd say some of us have sacrificed more then you realize just to fly an airplane for a living. I don't think you really realize how many times the bottom 20 or so of us were displaced in just one years times.

I'm very lucky that I haven't been displaced/furlough and have an amazingly understanding wife.

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