Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two days of jury duty

I showed up for Jury Duty yesterday...waited around for 3 hours...got picked for a Jury that was called in at 9 AM today. I was initially worried about losing money. Once I got home I checked my contract....I get full pay for each day. After a quick call to crew scheduling I was cleared for day 2.

This morning I arrived at 9AM to an overfull room...not enough seats. After an hour we were released. I was paid a whole $46 for the two days of service. Of course I spent $40 on parking. The county has free parking....but it's in an isolated and unsecured lot. No thanks.

I did feel a little guilty not going to work. I could have made my 2PM standby. Eh.

Tomorrow I have reserve at home from 4AM until 7PM.

Next month I have a week of vacation. Since most of my reserve stints are 6 days long my 7 days of vacation covers 6 reserve days. One thing I don't like about my airline is how vacation is assigned. I have to bid on vacation a week at a time. Most line holders work 4 on/3 off. Thus they burn 7 vacation days when they only had to burn 4. It can get really complicated. As is I only have  13 work days next month. I am going to try to "bundle" them to have more time off together. Eh.

I am sending out the videos tomorrow. I had a few people express interest.  The fair way is first come first serve. The first person I believe is still working on his private. The second is getting ready to take his private.

I decided to ship the first person will get all the videos dealing with getting the private pilot license and basic flying. The second person is getting IFR videos, Commercial videos and CFI videos. I am also throwing in some Jeppessen charts in the box as they can be hard to come by unless you know someone.

[nggallery id=26]

My wife and I are taking another trip this weekend. I have Friday and Saturday off so we looked all around for open flights...and then tried to find a city we wanted to visit. Should be fun.

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