Sunday, September 20, 2009

I just wanted to see the ball game

I was assigned a 3:05PM sign in for a 3:45PM departure to arrive back in base at 6:45PM. The ball game starts at 7:30PM. It all looked fine.

My wife dropped me off at 2:55PM after running me by Subway. On the way to the airport I realized I forgot the J-hook I bought last night while on standby. I left my original J-hook at home last night. I bought a new one but never put it on as I stored my bags in the   and went home after my assignment. I meant to bring it back today. Glad I bought food.

Since I was assigned just a turn I decided to just carry my flight kit bag and risk not having my suitcase. The flight kit bag weighs a good 30 pounds.

My crew room is in the basement next to gate 12. My first assignment was out of gate 8. No biggie.

After arriving at the plane I did my preflight and settled in. Then I saw two mechanics walk toward my plane. Not a good sign. The previous crew reported both engines wouldn't start on the first attempt.

The mechanics asked us to try and start the engines. Sure enough no light off on either engine. On the second attempt with the right engine it fired up. Yadda, yadda, yadda they put the plane out of service. The next plane was at gate 11.

On the way to the second plane the previous Captain told me that he wrote up the First Officer seat handle being broken in half. Hmm still worked fine. Yadda, yadda, yadda after 25 minutes that plane was put out of service as well!

Now I am waiting on the third plane due in @ 6PM. So much for making the football game. I knew yesterday when I was given this assignment that something would go wrong. This particular flight is often late. Yesterday it didn't leave until 6:45PM!  Thus this is life on reserve.

I was really looking forward to sitting back with an ice cold beer and watching some football.

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