Sunday, November 5, 2017

Two more trips

I have just two more trips at my airline.

Last week I passed my 10th anniversary. Crazy how fast the time has gone by. I've flown roughly 6200 hours at my airline. I thought I'd flying closer to 9000. 

It's funny when I was just starting out I figured I'd fly as much as possible. I then learned it's fun to get paid for more than I actually fly. I get paid for 72 hours a month (75 for when I'm on reserve). Over 10 years I've been paid for roughly 8800 hours (73ish average hours a month over 10 years). Not bad eh?

I'm excited and nervous about taking the leap to American.

Right now I'm senior and have job security. Going to American will put me on the BOTTOM of the seniority list . It just takes one hiccup in the economy or security of the world to disrupt the travel industry. Worry not....I'm going.

My last trip at my current airline will be a 5 AM departure from ICT on the 18th of November. I will then land in base and join my family for a flight to visit family for Thanksgiving. My last "day" here will be the 24th. I delay my quitting to have my benefits as long as possible.

I will try and kick myself to blog during the training at American. I've already been very impressed by the onboarding process at American. Everyone has been over the top accommodating and forthcoming with information. I truly feel welcomed and I haven't even started.

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  1. Congrats! Its been fun following your progress here over the past few years! Looking forward to hearing of new adventures!


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