Thursday, August 17, 2017

Getting the call

Today was kinda crazy.

I started in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Last day of a 4 day trip. One leg in.

The van time was a ridiculous 4:50 AM. We get to the the plane...and that's when the craziness started.

I was going through the flight paperwork and aircraft logbook...and things weren't matching up. I called up operations and they asked what tail number I was sitting in....I said "027"....they replied..."you're supposed to be in 048". I look up and see the other aircraft in front of me. The station pulled the wrong plane to the gate....and boarding had just completed.

Thankfully dispatch fixed the issue...but then weather caused a ground stop. We were supposed to arrive at 8 AM and I had an interview for a Fleet Manager position at 9 AM.

We finally left at 6:55 AM. Landed at 8:55 AM and I texted the person interviewing me (long time friend from flight school) and let him know I was running late.

I rushed over to the interview.

In the parking lot another pilot I knew whom was also a Fleet Manager flagged me down. He said I was the front runner for the job. Nice.

The interview went well. They let me know it would be a pretty hefty pay cut. Odd.

I then went home and began packing for as my wife has her 20 year High School reunion this Albany, Oregon...right in the path of the eclipse.

Thankfully my family all has real tickets...except me. Flights are crazy full. My family flies up tomorrow, but I am a cautious non-rever and decided to go tonight. As I was waiting for my flight...the most amazing phone call came though.

I was walking through the terminal and almost didn't answer as the phone number wasn't familiar. When I picked up the voice said , "Hello I'm calling from the Pilot Recruitment Office at American Airlines," The minutes after that are somewhat of a blur.....but I remember one part, "You got the job. Welcome to American Airlines."

Yeah that happened. I interviewed more than 2 months ago.

More to come. I will update more frequently now that things are happening again.


  1. Congratulations Darren, I've been reading the blog since early 2008. I've enjoyed following your story and I'm happy for you and your family.

  2. Congrats man, can't wait to read about the whole hiring process!

  3. 4:50 AM is not too much fun, how do you do it?! Congrats on the American Airlines job, I also find it weird that you will get a hefty pay cut!

  4. Congrats! I know its been a long process.

  5. Congrats on the new baby and the new job. I truly have enjoyed following your posts over the years. I look forward to reading about your upcoming adventures.


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