Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's Over

In theory I'm done sitting in the right seat of a regional jet. I flew my last flight yesterday.

I am supposed to start computer based training for my next aircraft next Wednesday. In reality I've been studying for a month.

My last turn was uneventful. The Captain was hired just 6 months before me, but has been Captain for almost a year. Timing is everything.

For now I will post the first photo of my "old" plane. I'm looking forward to the view from the left seat.


  1. As an aviation enthusiast, I always appreciate the blog posts you contribute to your followers. Congrats on getting to the left seat and please keep us the fans posted!

  2. Congratulations and I am sure you will success on your new seat and new airplane. Look forward to hear about your progress... Best regards

  3. I echo the other commenters' sentiments, good luck with the upcoming training although I'm sure you'll do fine

  4. Good luck for the future from Germany.....


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