Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another Career Fair

I've been busy this month.

We finished an amazing vacation in Hawaii on the 9th. My family had real seats on a direct flight home. Being a pilot I was going to jumpseat.

Glad we had real seats as the direct flight was booked full with 20+ non-revs. Thankfully I was the only pilot.

Being a long flight there were 3 pilots, 1 Captain, 1 First Officer and 1 relief pilot.

For takeoff and landing I sat in a First Class seat designated for rest for the pilots. After takeoff the bell rang and they were ready for me to occupy a Flight Deck Jumpseat.

Being a wide-body there was a lot of room, but still a stiff jumpseat. I settled in and closed my eyes. About a minute later all the lights in the flight deck came on. They turned them on to help them stay awake. So much for me sleeping.

They were a nice crew. Every two hours or so they swapped turns in the crew rest seat. I did snag a meal.

Once home we all slept a bit. The next day I headed to DC for the OBAP yearly Convention and Job Fair.

My eyes were set on Virgin America, JetBlue, Delta, and United.

I made good inroads with Virgin America in April. I spoke with them again and reaffirmed my enthusiasm. When I spoke with JetBlue I was a little nervous and botched the answer to the question , "What are our core values?" I brushed it off and came back the following day to the same JetBlue rep and apologized for not remembering them and then recited them verbatim.

My talks with Delta were nice. They have slowed down hiring due to construction on their simulator building. They said I had great qualifications, but it may take time for them to call me.

United was by far the worst experience for me. The Captain interviewing me said I had good experience and "maybe in a few years when you've been Captain for a while," that I'd be ready for United. It was quite a crushing experience.

I left there feeling a bit down but I'm not going to let one persons opinion deter me.

For now I'm keeping my applications up to date and working on my interview skills.

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