Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Questions Answered: How much does a regional First Officer make after 7 years?

Another year is behind me. Twenty-Fifteen was interesting. Last year I made this post after getting my W2. I'm using data for this post from my last pay stub of 2014. I might come back and revise this later.

In 2015 I flew 755 hours. My total compensation from my employer was $50,661.77. Of that $44,480.32 was taxable. The difference between the two is due to medical insurance  for my family (a hefty $4,605.72), employee life insurance ($170.28) and a special 401K contribution ($450.10). The numbers don't quite add up to other trivial items such as per diem and such.

Still the total compensation isn't horrible....but I'm now topped out in pay as a First Officer. In my opinion a Professional Pilot should be earning this in their second year...not in their 8th.

Taking to total compensation and dividing by the number of hours of flight equals just over $65 an hour. My pay rate for most of the year was just over $41 an hour.

Last year I made the comment that I should be Captain in the next 18 months. Things are very fluid....but I just might meet the deadline.

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  1. Umm... In some cases, changing 2015 to 2014 might work better.
    I and shocked that your 'senior FO" pay is so small. The total hours are not horrible, but most of us understand that you are paid ONLY, for brakes off, engines on time. Even your on-site flight prep time is not paid and frankly, I think that sucks!
    Let's hope that 2015 delivers a fourth stripe on your shoulder - and a hefty raise. Are you ready? The responsibility is huge, the compensation better but not great and it will cost a bit more of your personal down time. It is probably a good move since PIC time is vital and difficult to obtain. Please keep your readers posted.


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