Thursday, October 23, 2014

Do I smell funny? Or just bad luck.

Last year on the day of my check ride the Captain I had been training with called in sick. I was going through an entirely new training program. A test pilot of sorts. Up until that point no one had passed. The first two crews failed.

I was a little stressed going into the sim with a check airman as my Non Flying Pilot. Thankfully I passed.

This year I am in the first group to go back for the second part of the new training program.

I got an email last month to show up to a specific room at 8 am. This morning I arrived at 7:50 am to an empty room. This is odd as for the last 7 years there were always pilots whom arrived before me.

I thought I was in the wrong room. After checking my email again I confirmed I was in the correct room.

Seven Fifty-Five came...still just me. I was getting worried. Eight o'clock came and still no one. I went out to the break room and asked if any of the folks were there for day 1. One person instructor.

Turns out I was in a class of 2, but the other pilot had not arrived. We waited......and waited....and waited. Nothing.

As luck would have it the Captain I was supposed to be in training with...and fly with....resigned effective today.

So once again I will be flying with a check airman. Odd luck eh?

One perk...we finished way early today. Oh and I have a decent sim time....8 AM show on Saturday and Sunday!

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  1. "...whom arrived before me?" Gawd, please help us.
    Alone again, with a filler/trainer in the other seat? Show you stuff, fly like a Company Captain fly a safe, economic SIM session. There are no "But What If," considerations; you fly what you have and in real time. Oh, how I understand the urge to make exceptions. No and so not do it. Again, fly the circumstances at-hand and fly them well. IF the event needs discussion, fly first and talk later. To a measurable degree, that really IS what they want to see, especially from those in or posed for the left seat.
    Bottom to top, everyone fits on the scale, someplace. Between zero and ten, you'll find your zone. It won't change much unless your approach to professional (ATP?)flying changes. My bet is that your existing standards are sufficient or better. Is there more to learn before assuming command of 50 seats or 450 seats, YES! Can you do it? YES! Is getting home on time the principal concern? NO - or it should not be. Whether 50 or 450, when you clock-in, family and personal schedule no longer matter; you have but ONE responsibility. Period.
    Good post, please EDIT and please keep writing. -C.


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