Monday, April 21, 2014

Creature of habit

Day 2 of the 4 day. Eighteen hour overnight.

I ate at the same place for lunch...had the same veggie burger and the same beer. Creature of habit.

I'm happy to type NOTHING happened on day one out of the norm. Nice to have a boring day.

Bidding for next month has closed. I have vacation at the end of next month and thus changed my bidding strategy.

This month I work Sunday-Wednesday. I could hold weekends off, but by being off two weekdays we save almost $4000 a year on day care.

Due to various contract provisions I will be off from May 22nd thru June 1st instead of May 24th thru May 30th.

On top of that I learned that I get a few extra days off at the beginning of the month due to the new Flight Time/Duty Time regulations.

In the past I always tracked 30 in 7 and 100 in 30. That was no more than 30 hours flight time in a 7 day block and no more than 100 hours in a 30 day block. Easy.

With the new FTDT regs it's much more complicated.

Among many new rules I keep track of…
• 100 block hours in any 672 consecutive hours (28 days) 
• 1,000 block hours in any 365-day period  

It's now roughly 100 in 28. I say roughly as it's measured in hours versus the old reg which was days. The new regs are more restrictive.

I've flown more recently than ever. I wasn't trying to push the limits on the new regs, but I guess I have as I am scheduled for more than 115 hours in a 28 day period.

This is all new to me, but I think I get the first 2 day and following day trip off with pay. If that holds I work just 10 days next month.

As far as vacation next month my wife and I are leaving it up in the air. We are looking at Korea, London, Spain or Miami.....all depending on flight loads. We will be using our Starwood Preferred Guest points for it will be a cheap vacation.

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