Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Who's in the cockpit?

Yesterday American Eagle Airlines changed it's name to Envoy. They were the last regional that had their name on the side of the plane in "big letters". Found this on a message board:

"So who do you fly for?"
"I fly for Envoy."
"Oh, never heard of them."
"Well, our paint is new."
"Is this a private airline?"
"No, it's what you used to know as American Eagle."
"Oh, so like that plane there?" [points to E175]
"No, that's Republic."
"No, THAT one." [points to same plane]
"No, that's still Republic."
"No, THAT one that says American Eagle on the side." [points to same plane]
"Yeah, that's the new American Eagle like me, but not the old American Eagle."
"So you fly for American Eagle?"
"No, I said I'm Envoy."
"Seriously, man, what does your AIRPLANE say on the side?"
"It says American Eagle."
"I thought Republic's said that!"
"Well, Republic, DOES do that sometimes. So does SkyWest and Expressjet. So does Envoy."
"Do you even know what you are talking about? Are you really a pilot?"
"I am a pilot for the former American Eagle Airlines, now Envoy, now American Eagle."
"You are seriously confusing. How do I buy a ticket on Envoy?"
"Go to the American Airlines website."
"American Eagle's"?
"No, American."
"How do I check in for an Envoy flight"?
"Go to the American Airlines ticket counter."
"So you are telling me that you work for The Company formerly known as American Eagle Airlines, now Envoy, now American Eagle, kinda like SkyWest that I check in to either at a United, Delta, US Airways, American Airlines, or Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter, though here now American Eagle, kinda like Republic that I check in at a US Airways, American, or United ticket counter, though here now American Eagle, but you are under American Airlines"?
"Ok, let's keep this simple. If I check in for an American Eagle flight at, go to an American Airlines ticket counter, talk to an American Airlines representative, go to the American Airlines concourse where my ticket says American on it, as does my plane...then who bears the brunt of responsibility if there is an accident"?
"You mean American, right?"
"No, American Eagle. Envoy."
"I thought you were American?"
"We are under American. Listen, when Continental Flight 3407 went down, it was actually Colgan kinda Continental 3407. The CEO said...'We did not train those pilots. We did not maintain those aircraft. We did not operate the aircraft. But we expect them to be safe. We expect the Federal Aviation Administration to do its job.' American wants our skills, our services, our money, our profits, but not our faults, too. If we do good, American takes credit. If we do bad, it's Envoy's fault. Got it"?
"No, I'm the general public. I do NOT get it."
"Then management has done its job properly."

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  1. MORE than quite enough. This reader does not give a flying UNW about wwhat company employes you, where you might progress - if Big and Mighty is your goal. You recently mentioned working with a four-stripe that was staying put for his career and I cannot fault that choice. Given you age and late semi-late start, I think you'll probably time-out before you wear four on the biggies. QOL is important to you and we know that you won't make a good commuter. Sit tight, enjoy what you have and upgrade- in base - when can. The 'major' will kill your QOL for 10+ years and all readers know that you do not play second fiddle well. Big Man in a smaller pond and ++ years is the only option that will make you happy. Or... I do hope that you nail something that makes you happy. So far, all of the mentioned options are not to your liking. In-base four stripes, where you are, is the only option that will satisfy you - and stop the endless complaints. I hope you achieve it soon.


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