Sunday, October 27, 2013

I was getting ready to blog

And then this happened.....Sunday morning with my daughter.....should have time later this week.




I never thought Barney could be more annoying..until I saw him on a 100 inch screen. It's all my fault. We were watching Caillou when Barney started...and I didn't grab the remote fast enough. I need a Master Warning Light for Barney then I know I would have reacted quickly!


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  1. You keep telling us how you'd rather be home with your daughter etc. But, when at home with her, Barney pisses you off. Who is this about - YOU or your daughter? Happy Dads can 'learn' to love Barney - if the kid likes him - and have some real fun with the youngster. Other Dads recognize it, but can't ever q u i t e get beyond themselves and the perceived needs for self. Twenty-five years from now, that will be the difference between a Dad and a World-Class Dad, as rated by your daughter and in private. Which kind of Dad do YOU want to be considered as - 25 years from now when she is making her mate choices? These very current, very tender years will not last and they cannot be repeated. You may get a go around when the approach is not to your liking, but you do NOT get a go around or a re-do with your daughter. Got it, DAD? Your current mini-jet has a great autopilot, but at home, you have to hand-fly everything. Mrs. Geek and Miss Geek will appreciate your skill, but **enjoying** Barney with your daughter is part of hands-on flying at home. Your tender-aged daughter is a lot more than a substance to be carted to daycare. If she likes Barney right now, you should as well. WTF... You might also find a substitute for dear old Barney. If Barney is that awful, in your opinion (and I may agree with you here...) have you looked for a substitute, one that Miss Geek likes?

    You ALWAYS bitch about your schedule in some way. About this and about that. Is there anything that you like, other than perhaps the "Man Cave" in your new and improved home? I hope that you find something to y our liking - and soon. Best wishes, -C.


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