Saturday, June 8, 2013


Somewhat normal 3 day trip. Interesting crew...boring flights...which was a good thing.

I closed on my current house last Friday. The Real Estate market is very good right now. We profited more than I make in a year! Being conservative we are going to put away enough to survive for a year.

I start a 2 day trip tomorrow. Another 2 day trip Tuesday and then close on my new house Thursday. Move in Friday. Then start another 2 day trip Sunday night and then I'm off until the following Sunday.


More when I have time.



  1. Congrats and good luck in the new house! Having survived the crisis, interest rates are very friendly for homeowners in the UK right now - I hope it's the same for you guys..

  2. Yes we have had great luck with timing. We locked in at 3.625%. Also got lucky in selling our house in 2 days....gonna buy a lottery ticket next!


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