Monday, April 15, 2013

A lot of sleeping in someone else's bed

Currently sitting on my sister in laws couch in northern California.

I was originally supposed to be getting ready for a 4 day trip right now.

About 6 months ago my wife made a reservation to have family photos taken here as the photographer does excellent work and her prices are very reasonable.

Thus my bid for April was complicated. I had to bid around April 5th as my wife was scheduled to fly out to testify as part of her job. I also had to  try and bid around day care (we like just using day care for 3 days a week). I also like weekends off.

What I got wasn't great. I only had three days off a week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). My trips started at 1PM on Mondays and finished at 4PM Thursdays.  I didn't get the right hours needed for just 3 days of day care so we will have to pay for full time day care this month. I prefer starting my trips after 5PM on day 1 and finish whenever on day 4 as my wife can get home before 4PM on day 1 so I can head to work and thus we save money on day care.

I did end up trading all my trips except for the first week and last week as they were low time (18 hour 4 day trips) and high turn (lots of ups and downs).

I also requested to drop my flying I was supposed to do today April 15th. I still get paid for it. The reason why is complicated. My request was approved. My 4 day turned into 3 day.

That 3 day was a 3-2-5 worth 12 hours. I traded that 3 day for a 3-4-1 three day worth 12 hours 5 minutes! I get an extra 5 minutes and 2 fewer legs!

With this mini-vacation away from home I'm spending more time away from my bed. Between April 7th and 18th I will only have slept in my own bed twice. It's nice to be able to fly and see family....but it does wear on you. At least I'm traveling with my family.

My daughter is a travel expert. She has well over 54 flights under her belt. The "agents" in security commented at how good she was at  being patient while in the line and going through the metal detector.

Time to pack up. We fly out this evening. We should be at our house by 11PM. I sign in to work tomorrow at 5:30PM.

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