Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It keeps getting harder

On day 3 of a 4 day. The trip is a 1-2-4-5 trip.

Day one was easy. I had a 7PM departure. One leg to the overnight....a reduced rest 8 1/2 hour overnight. Eh.

I'd been off for 9 days...same with my co-pilot. He used to be an instructor in the training center and just recently came back to the line. He took the first leg. We would trade at the outstations.

Normal first leg. He greased it on. He was surprised seeing as he was off for 9 days.

Very short overnight.

Day two was just 2 legs. Both mine.  I also greased them on...surprising myself as well. The first one was so smooth I had to check the RADAR altimeter to make sure we actually landed. Like glass. Several passengers commented on it. Nice eh?

Tired. The good part was the overnight hotel was literally on the beach. I COULD have had my feet in the sand at noon. I'm not a beach person though.

Met up with my crew for dinner. Nice dinner.

This morning started early with a 5:40AM van.

Four legs later at another overnight. We both greased them on all day.

Another long overnight.

Tomorrow is 5 legs...8 hours of flying. Not looking forward to it.

I truly don't care for 4 day trips. Last time I had one was IOE last November. I have two more this month. Next month I am preferencing for 3 day trips.


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