Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gliding down

Lsat three day trip was b-o-r-i-n-g. I did the same trip earlier this month. The trip was worth 13 hours...over three days. The overnights were each 18 hours long. Eh.

The only interesting part was the last leg. Beautiful VFR day at my base. While on a right downwind at 7000 feet AGL I saw two planes on final for the runway we were assigned. I told my co-pilot I had the airport and traffic and he could call them both whenever.

As the second plane was directly abeam my right wing the approach controller cleared us for a visual approach, "speed 160 until 5 mile final" was the final instruction. I clicked off the autopilot and began a base turn while slowing.

We were on about a 5 miles from the runway as is when I started the base turn. I turned a bit early. We were about 4500 feet AGL. Normally I'd be around 2400 feet on an ILS approach. Hmmm.

Engines idled. I called for all the flaps and gear to be extended while holding 160 knots. Steep descent but smooth.

I never added power until around 400 feet AGL. Decent landing. Done.

My line for next month is sweet and sour. The sweet part is I have 10 days off in a row. The sour part is I have all 4 day trips. I hate 4 day trips. It was my own doing as I made some questionable choices during bidding. Eh.

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