Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March was good....but just look at April...seriously?

For March I got an awesome schedule. Eighteen days off.....weekends off...easy 3 day trips!

For April...ugh.

So I preferenced weekends off, 3 day trips, little sit time and fewer legs per day. I got a little of everything.

My first trip starts on Thursday April 5th..a 3 day trip...finish on Saturday

I then get TWO days off.....then

My second trip starts on Tuesday April 10th another 3 day...finish on Thursday

I then get five days off.....then

My third trip starts on Wednesday April 18th another 3 day...finish on Friday

I then get three days off....then

My fourth trip is identical to my second trip...I start on Tuesday April 24th and finish on Thursday

I then get TWO days off...then

I start a freaking 4 day trip on Sunday April 29th. Yup 4 day trip. Ugh.

Total value of all 5 trips...72 hours exactly. Lots of short legs.

Is it May yet?

Total of 16 days off...and I work a Saturday and Sunday.....


  1. :(  That 4 day trip doesn't seem like fun, especially since you just want to be with your family.

    Hang in there.  Just take it one day at a time and soak in the beautiful views you get "up there"...you are very very fortunate.

    Here's hoping for a better May. :)

  2. Keep up the good work. love the blogs!

  3. love the posts! keep them comming!


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