Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vacation done...

Had a great vacation on the Island of Maui. Getting there was easy thanks to open flights. Getting back...not so easy.

My wife and daughter had real tickets both ways. The return flight started filling up a few days ago. The day prior it was overbooked. Another airline cancelled a flight and thus filled up the flight with my wife and daughter. I could still jump

PHOG is a fairly small airport. The main runway is 6995 feet long. Not terribly long for flights to the mainland. The biggest plane I saw there was a 767-300.

Honolulu has several more flights to the mainland. I figured once I got there, I could easily hop on my mainline partner or any other airline and get home.

It would have been nice to be on the same flight as my wife and daughter, but if I was in the jump seat I wouldn't be able to help out so we decided I should at least be comfortable for the long flight and head to PHNL.

I looked up the jump seat procedures for Hawaiian. Not terribly hard.

Hawaiian flies 717's between the islands. They had flights almost every hour, sometimes twice an hour, between PHOG and PHNL.

I decided on the 3:43PM flight which would give me 2-3 hours to find a way from PHNL to the mainland.

After asking for a ride from the Captain I took my seat for the short hop.

Once at PHNL I took a bus over to another terminal where the mainland flights were located.

Thankfully I was able to get a real seat on my mainline partner for the flight home.

During pushback the APU shutdown...plane went dark. Thankfully it restarted. No delay.

For some reason we landed 15 minutes late. Originally my flight was to land 20 minutes after the flight with my family. Not a big deal.

I'm debating making my annual trek to the North American International Auto Show tomorrow. I've been every year for the last 3 years. Pretty tired.

I go back to work Saturday morning for my 3 day trip.

Finally....a shot from the house where I spent a week in Kapalua. was.......Legen-----dary

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