Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holding....EFC 3-5 days

Still waiting to start IOE. I called the training department today. I was told it was 3-5 days from when I finish LOFT. That's only an estimate though. My day 5 is today.

I'm the only pilot out of the 6 of us who are transferring aircraft to have completed LOFT. I think I got lucky in that I live close and answered the phone when they called.

My main goal is to finish IOE before bidding closes for December. As is I will be at the top of the reserve list (along with the other 5 #6) when I finish IOE for the month of November.

On different note, a pilot I've been emailing with for over 2 years got a gig at my airline. He had to wait till he met all the requirements. He emailed me when he met them. I "walked" in his app along with a recommendation one day and he was called the next. I met up with him once on an overnight about a year ago. Now he just has to wait for a class date. Very happy for him.....and me...another guy under me on the seniority list!

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  1. Yes!  What else needs to be said?  Just a resounding, YES!!  Hang in there... -C.


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