Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Screwing myself

So I've only been a line holder for 4 months out of the 45 months I've been at my airline. I still have a lot to learn.

I have vacation starting July 30th. My 4 day trip on July 28th was turned into a 2 day trip finishing on July 29th. I was scheduled to deadhead to base and be paid for the rest of the trip.


I read through the contract and thought I understood the rules. I then traded into a different (more commutable on the front end and higher value) 4 day trip starting on the 28th with the thinking that it would be modified and I would still be home on the 29th. This was important as my family is all planning on meeting up down at my brother in laws place in New York.

Well after the trade I contacted scheduling about adjusting my schedule. No can do. It's an unwritten rule that if, after final bid awards, I trade into a trip then it's assumed I want the entire trip.


I contacted my Chief Pilot who told me the same thing. Boo.

So now I work through the 31st. The only good part is I get paid double by working on my vacation days.

Thankfully my wife is patient and understanding. It also helps that flights on the 30th are horrible and we can't get out till the 31st anyway.

It's an odd feeling to be off for 5 days between trips. I start tomorrow with a 2:15PM report time.

The first day is rough...really rough.

Three legs worth 7 hours 20 minutes of flying. In between the 1st and 2nd legs is a 2 hour 45 minute sit in an out station. Total duty day is 11 hours 45 minutes. Add in my 3 hour getting ready. Long day ahead.

After that the rest of the trip is cake.

Thirteen hour overnight then day 2 has just 2 legs worth 3 hours 40 minutes.

Eleven hour overnight and day 3 has 2 legs worth 5 hours 15 minutes.

Eighteen and a half hour overnight leaving day 4 with one leg into base worth 2 hours finishing at noon in base.

This is actually my awarded line. I haven't flown the entire sequence yet. This week will be the only time I will do so.

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  1. Sitting in the Red Carpet Club in ORD, after a United SFO -> ORD leg.  Next leg, ORD -> LHR London Heathrow.

    The minutes out of ORD, the cabin got noticeably cold.  Then the captain came on the PA and announced that the plane was to sit in ORD for 3 hours before it's next leg to Brussels.  Given that it's a 100 degrees F outside, they didn't want the plane to heat-soak, so wanted to pre-cool the plane.  Also requested that all window shades be in the down position.

    I have sympathy for you - I see lot's of heat in your near future!

    Best of luck, and thanks for entertaining us on the life


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