Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Done with that overnight

This month I had overnights in a city known for having one of the worst TSA checkpoints in the country. Sure enough it was. I'm glad I only had to go through it twice.

Next month I have a similar trip as this month, but not that overnight!

This month I did 4 day trips starting at 3PM on Fridays and ending at 6:30PM on Mondays.

Next month I start 3PM on Fridays and end at 6:35PM on Mondays.

The 4 day is a 2-3-4-1. Meaning 2 legs on day one, 3 legs on day two, 4 legs on day three and just one leg on day 4.

Once again I bid for late starts and working weekends. I prefer late starts as it helps avoid reduced rest overnights. It does make it harder to enjoy an adult beverage as, by the time I get in, most bars are closed. I don't get drunk mind you, just a beer once or twice during a trip.

For June my wife is going to move her work schedule around a bit and I am going to try to bid for weekends off. Will be interesting.

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