Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time to commute

This just may be my last month of reserve....shocking eh?

Next month I will have enough seniority to hold a hard line. The catch? I will be a commuter. After 3 1/2 years of enjoying walking from my plane and being on my couch 20 minutes later....I will have to walk from my another my my couch.

My 3 1/2 years seniority will put me almost dead middle in the seniority list at my new base....but with enough under me to always be a line holder.

Also next month I have vacation. I'm taking my family on a cruise. In order to maximize my vacation I have to bid smart.

While bidding I have the option of telling scheduling to drop any trips that touch my week of vacation. This way I can turn 7 days vacation into a 15 day vacation or more. Of course I will only be paid for the flying that was supposed to be flown during that week....but it's more time off.

There is a little added stress as I have to make sure I have time to commute to and from my vacation.

Until now I have had at least 2 weekdays off to take care of my daughter. With me commuting, it might not be possible. This could raise our daycare cost. We will have to see.

It's exciting yet nerve racking bidding. I will know my entire schedule for April in a few days. So much for being on reserve....and living in base.

This new base is only temporary. I'm scheduled to be back in my base in the fall. Scheduling and equipment are being moved around. When I return to my base I should be even more senior.

The skies are looking brighter......

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