Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Northeast!

For the first time ever...I will say where I am....kinda. I'm based in the New York area for part of this month. Vague..yes...but less vague than normal. Three airports to pick from EWR, JFK, and LGA.

My airline has a temporary increase in flying in this base and needs a little extra help.

Today is day 2 of my TDY (Temporary Displacement or Temporary I was on a 2 hour call out. Never was called.

Due to the US Open being in town, hotels around the entire area are full. My airline kinda dropped the ball on booking the rooms forcing me to stay in a backup...backup hotel last night. Truly the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. I mentioned the hotel to a friend of mine at another airline and he it's his airlines' NORMAL hotel. Ouch.

This morning I checked out of the old hotel, took a van to the airport, had lunch, watched the Apple press event on my Ipad, then took a van to the new....much nicer hotel.

That's it. Well I did walk a good distance to a store to buy food. The hotel food, even with the employee discount, is crazy expensive.  I did eat lunch...a $20 cheese burger and coke.

Tomorrow I am on a 2 hour call out from 4AM to 7PM. In reality if I am not called by 3PM...I'm good to go...and go I will...home.

I am going to non-rev home tomorrow night as I am off Friday and Saturday. I plan on coming back Saturday night. That all depends on the hurricane though. If I think it's going to affect the NY area I will come home Friday.

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