Monday, June 21, 2010

Slow month

Flown a whole 6 hours this month. Only two hours with passengers on board. Slow month.

Next month I have regular reserve. This means I simply know which days I work...not when...not where. I think it's because the airport standby lines had weekends off...thus they went senior.

Airline hiring seems to still be a slow trickle...but better than nothing. Friends at various regionals say their airlines are either hiring or recalling furloughs. Hiring mins are all 1000+ hours.

Since I've been sitting around the airport a lot lately I've been examining the stuff I carry....gadgets. Most days I have a laptop of some sorts (15 inch Macbook Pro or HP 5101 10 inch Netbook), Zune HD for music and video podcast, digital camera, Bose QC2/UflyMike and my Nexus One cell phone. That's a lot of stuff. Would like an ereader. My wife has a Kindle DX. Big. I am debating buying a Kindle or Nook but it would be another device to tote around.  I have tossed the idea around of an Ipad for a while. It *could* replace my laptop and Zune HD thus reducing my gadget count by one. Two problems. Ipads are expensive and they can't do the multitasking I am used too such as watching a video while updating a blog. Oh it's hard too be a geek.

It's 6:35AM. I have 7 1/2 hours of airport appreciation left. I am assigned to do the same thing for the next 5 days. Slow month indeed.

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  1. I definitely wouldn't recommend getting an iPad to replace a laptop. I originally bought my iPad with the intentions of exactly that… using it to 'stand in' as a laptop. So far I've enjoyed it and I think it's a great product, but other than goofing around (apps, music and movies) there really isn't much use in it. Last week I went and bought a 15-inch MacBook Pro and absolutely love it. It's my first Mac and I think it's fantastic.



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