Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 4 of the 4 day

This was the longest overnight....over 16 hours. On top of that I was able to sleep in as the airport van didn't depart until 7AM.

We arrived at the airport at 7:15AM to find our plane wasn't at the gate. This is a maintenance was still in the hangar.

Fairly full load at 49 passengers on board at 7:50AM for an 8:00AM departure. During the preflight my flight attendant couldn't find her O2 tool. The O2 tool is used to both test the emergency oxygen mask and release them in case of emergency. Being a piece of emergency equipment we thought we needed it. Everyone from mechanics to ground personnel left to find the tool. It's really a glorified paper clip.

We finally borrowed a tool from another plane.

My leg home. We blocked out at 8:10AM and took off at 8:20AM. I was trying to fly fast. Enroute congestion killed the plan.

The flight was blocked at 1 hour 15 minutes. At 9:07 AM I ended my flare and the main landing gear screeched onto the runway....they all can't be soft.

Blocking in at 9:18AM I was hoping to be done. After the post flight I didn't see an "crew chasers" waiting for me. I checked my schedule and gave a quick call to scheduling. Done. My awesome wife was waiting for me outside.

Day 4 done. Total flying over the 4 day trip, 20 hours and 1 minute. More than I flew on reserve last month.

Off for a 5 day vacation.

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