Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bose QC2 vs QC15 and UFlyMike

So I am lucky enough to be married to a woman who has purchased not one....but two Bose noise reducing headphone sets for me. The first was a Bose QC2 more than 4 years ago. They worked fine. Right before we went to Tokyo she bought me a pair of the new Bose QC15's. Then for Christmas she bought me a UFlyMike adapter. Yeah I know I am lucky.

Initially I tried the QC15s and UFlyMike. I had a hard time with the microphone as it sounded muffled and tinny. I tried playing with the microphone bias. No joy.

On Sunday I got a chance to use my QC2s and the UFlyMike. Wow...what a world of difference. The microphone sounded much clearer.

It's no secret Bose is not happy with UFlyMike (Bose tried to sue UFlyMike on trademark infringement) as Bose wants pilots to shell out much more for a Bose Aviation X Headset. The sound clarity was much nicer with the QC2s than the QC15s. The only difference I know of between the QC15's and QC2's is that the QC15's have an additional microphone on the outside of the headset for extra ANR.

For the foreseeable future I will only be using the QC2s in the cockpit instead of the QC15s. I still carry my Telex 500 ANR headset as a backup. I am sure I will start leaving it behind soon.


Update 12/15/2011- I've given up on the QC15/Uflymike and switched to the Bose A20. A bit more than the QC15 but no more ear buds. If I commuted I might have stuck with the QC15/UflyMike as the QC15 would be useful during the commute.


  1. The microphone and audio circuits are completely separate so you should not be having an issue with the QC changing the sound of the microphone. I use a QC15 to do all of my troubleshooting with and we have many customers using them without issue. It sounds like there may be something wrong with your headphones.

    UFlyMike LLC

  2. I'm not sure what could be wrong with the QC15s as they work fine with my Macbook Pro and Zune. I did a back to back test and noticed the microphone issue. Also it would cut out when using the cockpit to cabin interphone. Not a big deal as the QC15 isn't yet TSO'd with the UFlyMike setup. The QC2 and UFlyMike I am using right now is awesome. Lighter than my Telex 500 ANR, uses more common AA batteries and is easier to pack away.


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